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Win a Free Party for 6

Win a Free Party for 6

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01:30 AM Sunday - 02 April 2017

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Celebrate your Birthday with Riva

Celebrate your Birthday with Riva

🤩🥳 Are you celebrating a birthday, anniversary or christening? 🥳🤩 We want to hear from you 😀. We have exceptional party packages to suit you and your budget. Call us today on (042) 9354578 📲 and a member of our staff can assist you with your booking. . We open from 10 am. - 4 pm on Mondays ☺️.

12:00 AM Sunday - 19 May 2019

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Afternoon Tea at Riva

Afternoon Tea at Riva

Glass of Prosecco, Selection of freshly made treats, cheesecake, chocolate brownie, fruit & chocolate scones, cupcakes & selection of sandwiches.

12:00 AM Friday - 17 May 2019

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Opening Hour 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM, every day on week.

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